Seek ‘n’ Sell

Border Fine Arts Society members are looking for the following figurines…can you help?

If you have any of the figurines listed and are interested in selling, please contact the society Office in writing and we will forward the relevant contact information. The Society does not enter into any valuations or transactions which may take place.


JH94 No Foot, No 'Oss

A0186 Arab Mare & Foal

044 Black Grouse (Cock)

RB35 Goldfinch on Thistle

JH85 Jenny & Penny

RB38 Lapwing

RB36 Merlin & Chicks

A1486 Red Hind,
Follower & Calf

JH32 Spring Pastures

BCM04 Happy Days

056 Golden Retriever, Walking

B0296 Come By Shep!

Limited Edition

B0744 20 Acres a Day

A3876 The Drift

B0867 Buzzard

BFA205 Monach of Glen Mhor

L21 Simmental Cow & Calf

L59 Aberdeen Angus Bull

L135A Arab Stallion (Grey)

L74 Ayrshire Cow, Polled

B0404C Best at Show
(Blue Roan)

B0404B Best at Show
(Strawberry Roan)

B0876A Boxing Day Meet (Grey)

L162 Call of the Falcon

B0334B Champion
Mare & Foal (Grey)

L140C Champion of Champions (Black)
(Gold Edition)

L140B Champion of Champions (Grey)
(Gold Edition)

L60 Coal Tit

BFASKU1 Common Teal

AG01 Delivering the Milk

B0942 Faithful Friends (Bay)

B0942A Faithful Friends (Grey)

JH64 Fergie

L109 The Final Furlong

L23 Full Cry

L33 Galloway Bull

JH28 Gathering in the Strays

B0352 Jacob Sheep

B0367 Jacob Sheep (Two-Horned)

L111 Jersey Cow (Horned)

B0883 Just Married

B0855 Limousin Family

L36 Moving Off

JH29 New Shoes for Dolly

B0651 Prince of the Loch

B0418 Sloe Fairy (Autumn)

L52 The Finish

B0666B Under the Hammer
(Charolais Cross)

L149C Victory at the Highland
(Blue Roan)
(Gold Edition)

L149B Victory at
the Highland
(Strawberry Roan)
(Gold Edition)

b1087 Winter Guests
on a Cold Day

BFA Society

SOC5 After the Rain

SRE4 Autumn Blues

SOC7 Evening Shadows

SOC2 Joys of Spring

SRE3 River Watch

SRE2 Stream Sentinel

SRE1 Vantage Point