Seek ‘n’ Sell

Border Fine Arts Society members are looking for the following figurines…can you help? (Click image to enlarge)

If you have any of the figurines listed and are interested in selling, please contact the society Office in writing and we will forward the relevant contact information. The Society does not enter into any valuations or transactions which may take place.


A4055 Barn Owl

B0909 Flying Tawny Owl

A3065 Leopard

A5899 Painted Lady on Rose

A2097 Red Breasted Goose

A7684 Red Squirrel

A4056 Snowy Owl

A4045 Tawny Owl

023 Badger

JB2 Hare

JB3 Red Squirrel

A1453 TLC

Limited Edition

B0400 Count Raggi’s Bird of Paradise

B0973 Grebe & Chicks

B0225 Keeping His Feet Dry

B0326 King Bird of Paradise

L136 Arab Mare & Foal

A2016 Arab Stallion

L75 Ayrshire Cow, Horned

B0334B Champion
Mare & Foal (Grey)

B0404 Best at Show

B0867 Buzzard

L140B Champion of Champions (Grey)
(Gold Edition)

B0942 Faithful Friends (Bay)

L149C Victory at
the Highland
(Blue Roan)
(Gold Edition)

L149D Victory at
the Highland
(Gold Edition)

VH1A Red Grouse with Young

BFASKU1 Common Teal

BFA Society

B0702 Starts First Time

SRE1 Vantage Point